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When neglected, water may seep through your old roof into your home, destroying your valuable properties. To mitigate against these risks, consider having a reliable re-roofing company in Arizona inspect your old roof and replace it if necessary.  

Choosing a reliable Arizona roofing installation company such as XBUILT assures you of a quality re-roofing job worth every penny. Our quality roof replacement solutions will greatly benefit you and your loved ones and will protect your home for years to come. Still, there are a few things you need to know about roof replacement, as outlined in this piece.

What Does Re-Roofing Mean?

Generally, re-roofing is replacing or updating your home’s current roof. Re-roofing can be done via the roof overlay or tear-off method. In the overlay method, you will still keep your existing roof then a layer of shingles will be added on top. This method takes less time, and it’s also less expensive. However, it’s not a long-term solution, and in some cases, it will be harder to trace leaks on the roof. Also, this method shouldn’t be an option if you have had a previous overlay installed on your roof. 

On the other hand, the tear-off method involves getting rid of your existing roof and replacing it with a new one. Tear off process is a great option because it completely fixes any leaks present on your roof. Still, a complete re-roofing will last longer than roof overlay, thereby adding value to your home’s resale price. However, you will spend more on this method. 

What Causes Roof Damage?

Several factors can lead to roof damage. Some of them include:

Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions are among the leading causes of roof damage. Hail storms, high winds, hurricanes, high heat, thunderstorms, and deep cold will all cause damage to your roof over time. Hailstorms can break your shingles and tear them apart. In winter, moisture gets in between your shingles and expands, causing damages to the shingles and the roof below. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and continuous high winds will also put your shingles to the test and create weak points. After constant harsh weather conditions, you may need an inspection done on your roof to inspect hidden damages that may result in leaks.

Improper Installation

Sometimes, improper roof installation works may lead to constant repairs or even a replacement in some worse cases. Maybe your previous contractor just roofed over the old shingles and didn’t install proper flashing, or they never used underlayment. Any shortcuts that a roofing contractor uses will end up costing you more money and time.

Foot Traffic

If you can walk on your roof, it might also lead to damages, especially when it’s hot, or you have spiked shoes. You could unknowingly rip some shingles out of place, knock granules off, or puncture the roof at some points.

What you Need to Know before Re-roofing

Your roof is a critical part of your home, and there are several things you need to put into consideration before re-roofing. Some of them include:

Quality Roofing Materials

Today’s market has multiple roofing options to choose from, so if you built your home a few years back, there are more options than probably never existed back then. You can select different roofing materials as a replacement option for your roof. Shingles made of slate and asphalt are popular with many homeowners, but metal roofs are also becoming an option for many people. 

If you select the cheapest underlayment, tiles, and shingles, then your new roof will greatly underperform when it comes to longevity. Even if you choose the best Roseville roofing installation companies, the weak materials will still be a weak link. Quality roofing material installed by the right professionals can last up to 30 years, whereas low-quality roofing materials can begin falling when they are barely ten years.

However, if you are on a tight budget, discuss with your contractor to ensure that they find a solution that works for you. An experienced re-roofing company can still find a mid-range priced option and install it properly to ensure that it benefits you in the long run.

Understand the Costs Involved

The price of your re-roofing project is a major consideration. While receiving the estimate of the project, you should also inquire about the entire labor costs and materials such as flashing, underlayment, and more. The more detailed an estimate is, the better for you. 

We try to break down the estimates, including the unexpected additional materials and labor. Experienced re-roofing companies can tell certain problems that may arise before the start of the project. For instance, if your shingles have extensive damage due to heavy downpours, there is a likelihood that the plywood underneath will also be replaced. However, the part that needs replacement will be evident once the work begins. 

Working with a thorough contractor will give you a better idea of your final pay. For instance, the larger the square footage of your house, the higher the re-roofing costs. Also, the type of roof in your home has different prices. If you have a butterfly or A-frame roof, you’ll pay more than having a gable or flat roof. Still, some unexpected obstacles may happen, and extra labor and materials may be needed, but there won’t be a huge difference if you work with an experienced contractor. 

Select the Right Contractor

The most crucial task for any homeowner who wants to replace their roof is to select the right contractor for the job. You want to ensure that you hire a roofing company that operates diligently, safely, ethically, and with all quality standards. XBUILT Roofing has built excellent roofing systems over the years. We always aim at meeting every clients’ expectation by delivering quality roofing solutions. 

Do You Need a New Roof?

If your home’s roof is past its useful years, or it’s worn, it may be time for a roof replacement. Such a vital investment that protects you and your loved ones requires the best roof installation companies to do the entire job. If you are based in Arizona we can help with your re-roofing needs. Reach out to us to get a free estimate of your roof replacement.

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